Saturday, December 03, 2005

Tokyo Tower - Part 1: Christmas Season

Its beginning to look a lot like~ Christ~mas~!
Every~ where I go~!

I took a trip to see the Tokyo Tower. I've never seen it before and wasent expecting anything but WOW! It was amazing! So enroute to the Tower, I cut across a big hotel called Park Towers (?) and there was a garden all lit up.

The blue light christmas trees are on either side of the walk way taking up to the park like area. The Tokyo Tower in the background.
Walking up the steps, there was a Green LED christmas tree. It seemed kinda sad all by its lonesome. It looked cool though.

Up close, there was an awesome view of the tree with the Tower. The green LED's made an awesome glow.
Walking down the path, there were more blue trees. i dont know if you can see it in the thumbnail view of this picture, but there was this red rope light thing on the floor. Didnt know what that was but it looked strangely out of place.

Up top from the Tokyo Tower, it was an outline of Santa Claus! The big building you see there is the Park Tower Hotel. This was taken at the 150m floor of the tower.

This one was taken at 250 meters. This was at the top level of the Tokyo Tower. Can you see the green glow of that one chrstmas tree? It looked real cool so I'm sharing.

and this one, just cuz it turned out real cool. No Photoshopping, this was in the sidewalk area of where the christmas tree things were. neat aye?

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