Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Move

Because of the extension, I had to renew my apartment lease for 2 more weeks. BUT!!! They rented out my room already!!
Fortunately, they had an opening on the 12th floor. The new room was 2 floors directly above me. so i figured the layout would be the same right? Well it was. It was just a bit bizarre to see a room full of shit (and yes for some reason i've acquired a lot of shit) to a bare room that is exactly identical.

This is my old room without the crap. Just the last 2 bags and some small knick knacks.

The new room after i hauled everything up 2 floors. Lots of junk. The burning question is, will this all fit in my suitcase? the answer, NO! No chance in HELL~!!! I'll need to buy one of those Boston bags or whatever they're called.

The view: since it was 2 floors directly above me the view is the same. all except that i have a more elevated view of the same scene. Quite nice actually. To the left of this is the Tokyo Tower. Unfortunately, I can only see the very tip of it because of a big building blocking my view.
What I couldnt see before was this bridge. I think its called the "Rainbow Bridge". It connects tokyo to some penninsula like part on the outskirts of tokyo called Odaiba. Theres also a monorail that runs on the bottom side of this bridge. Seems cool, if i have time, im planning on checking out the view.

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