Friday, November 18, 2005

HOLY CRAP!!! part 2!!!

I was just about to push the "Publish Post" button... and then BLAM!
IE Crashed on me!
well fortunately, im using Firefox... but out of no where, i got one of those "send report" popup window.
and then...
Firefox crashed on me too!
Good job to the people at Blogger! They had some autosave thing which didnt wipe out my post. I was a split second away from throwing my laptop out the window.

Apparently it didnt learn its lesson when i did it the first time! muahahha~
ok, good night!

Holy Crap!!

Its been a week without posting!
Actually its been a rediculously busy week for me.
So finally, i thought... TODAY!! i shall post all the stuff i wanted to and then at around 5pm, after my last meeting of the day I was attacked with the ever so painful B.S.o.D~!!

from that point on, my computer would boot up, i'd log in, and then it'll freeze there!
tried to do the small things i can, remove battery, talked nice to it, tried to feed it a cookie... EVERYTHING!!

but sadly, i dont have local admin access to my work laptop so I was screwed.

I got home at 9 and starting tinkering with it. Finally, I went down to a local 7-11 like place and bought a screw driver set. sat for about an hour and took this whole thing apart!
Reseated everything i can... put it back to gether and then... IT WORKED!!

so be prepared! Theres a few good pix i'd like to share. also went to the XboX 360 lounge. more on that later. its 2:35 am and am passing out in about 3... 2...