Saturday, November 05, 2005

Plastic Packaging -VS- Jay

I've been using skype because of work and have been using it quite frequently since I'm in Japan. Skype's pretty cool and best of all its free to talk (VOIP) with other skype users... even over seas! I finally decided that it'll be best to get a headset so I went down to a local electronics store and bought one.

I was going to use it and realized that this package as shut solid all the way around! I scoured my apartment looking for a sharp object and realized... I DONT HAVE ONE!!! The only thing close to what might open it was this crazy looking can opener.

The battle was intense! I stabbed and prodded the thing with little to no damage to the package. The package in return, retaliated with some super armor. The fierce battle lasted for 15 minutes as i tried to attack from its weak points... primarily that little hole up top.

After my victory, I took pictures of the aftermath. Needless to say, I won. Mmmm~ the sweet sweet taste of victory...?

Beauty Competence Team in Japan

During my random wanderings, i ended up in Shibuya. There I saw a group of people dressed in white flight suits. Out of curiosity, I wandered over there to see what was going on. They were a bunch of people from some Art Academy in Germany taking surveys for thier project.

They asked me to choose from a color pallet and then explained to me what these colored pills do. I was hoping for a matrix type experience to free my mind, but since there were so many colors, i chose the brown one. They said it'll make me "feel good" so i took it one night but much to my disappointment, it was only chocolate. hahaha. They asked me to fill out a survey for them online @ Much to my surpise, under the news section, I found my picture!

Anyway the color brown signifies satisfaction.
They gave me a brown piece of chocolate and and this bandaid thing too.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A new kind of sashimi...

I wish i took pictures... but last night i went to a yakitori place. A sit down restaurant, kinda think like a korean bbq place where they do all the cooking in the back and bring you the food. Anyway, on the menu, there was sashimi... sounds good right? well this sashimi wasent fish. NOT FISH!? yes not fish. In fact, it was CHICKEN! RAW, THINK SLICED CHICKEN!
and it was good.

Ice Cream anyone?

I just saw this on the news but Cold Stone opened its first store in japan!
you KNOW i wouldnt be posting this unless there was something funny about it right? Well some people waited in line for 5 hours! FIVE FRICKEN HOURS to eat ice cream on a cold ass day like today. what's more funny? They sing the songs in English!
*For those of you who's never been at a Cold Stone, if you tip them, they sing a song to show appreciation. Lame spin offs of random songs... cant think of any off the top of my head.

and thats all i gotta say about that...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Japan is very environmentally concious

Well we all knew that Japan is very advanced in technology and implementing new environmentally safe stuff. So aside from Hybrids and stuff, i found an all electric taxi!

*Note the big Battery on top. wow!

my apartmento

Pix of the small box of an apartment i live in. lol.

The entrance and part of the room

The Bed

The Kitchen

and finally the view from my bed. i get a flat screen. neat huh?

Hmmm~ ok so more pictures it is!

All right. me on the plane looking cool with my ipod

Day 1

So after being awake for 22 hours i finally tried falling asleep. I dont think reality has hit me yet that I'm in Japan. I'm not as excited as I was the last 2 times. So just to soak in the greatness of Japan i took a walk around a few areas and took some snap shots.

Im trying to figure out this whole blog thing so bare with me.

This is me and my dad on at the airport.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

To japan!

Ok boys and girls!
This if my first time blogging. ive been resisting forever but alas, here i am. anyway i hope google will let me upload a mess load of pictures cuz i always have a lot.

So October 31st, I hopped on a plane to shinagawa, japan. This is my third business trip out here. the difference this time is that im out here for ONE WHOLE MONTH! its insane! but i figured this will be a fun way to keep in touch with everyone, rather than emailing the same story over and over again. so here we go!