Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tokyo Tower - Part 3: The Architecture

You all know I get artsy fartsy but the architecture of this tower was a trip! check it out!

From the back entrance of the Tower.

Another angle from the bottom
The complexity of the tower was insane! all these beams and stuff. I wonder who designed this thing.

From the main observatory. The white thing is apparently a satellite pod or something maybe they said it was for their force field when godzilla attacks.

And through the scratched up window, you can see down below. The grey thing with lines is one of the parking lots. you can see some cars parked on the streets as well.

Tokyo Tower - Part 2: Inside the Tower

The Tokyo Tower stands 333 meters tall and has 2 main observatory floors. The main floor sits about 150 meters high, the second floor at 250m. The main floor was real dark so I didnt take too many pictures inside. But was amazing! Both floors allow you to view tokyo at all angles. They also had kiosks that pointed out big buildings you can identify in front of you. These kiosks were placed in each direction, N W S E.

This was the bottom floor of the main observatory. Can you see that guy standing on a brightly lit panel? Thats a window! It was really scratched up but you can see the tower right below you.

The second observatory was all decked out like a scene from Star Treck. This is the elevator entrace.
See? I'd expect some crazy super hot martian alien woman from planet Calculon 5. ok ok thats too many references to random songs and shows.

The Blue lights turned green after a while.
Then back to blue. I had to wait in line for half an hour to get up here. But it was worth it. Tokyo is simply amazing. I say that every time, but ya. wow. Lights everywhere!