Monday, November 28, 2005

Even Japanese people have flairs!

Down the street from my apartment, I found a TGI Fridays!
I was talking to Aki about Fridays and he's never heard about it. So we went during one of our lunch breaks and these people have the old uniforms!
They have to wear a minimum of 17 Flares! hahaha yet another movie reference? Everyone there was happy and chipper. Apparently most of the people there speak english too! Apparenly theres a lot of American tourists that go there. hahahaha
You go to Japan and they want to go to TGI FRIDAYS?!? I would hope they had better planning than that. BTW, there was also a McDonalds right across the street.
I guess if you want a hefty burger, you gotta go to an all american joint.

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Van said...

Japanese love the peace sign!