Tuesday, November 22, 2005

w00t! back online!

For my fan(s), I am now back to blogging mode! The last few days have SUCKED! From Friday on, my computer kept dying! Blue Screening and all this other mess. It stopped for a while so i thought i was good... then monday, BLAM! blue screened again!
I was finally able to get the error code and learned that this MAY be a memory problem. A MEMORY PROBLEM?! Ive been using this machine for the last few months! Well I took out one of the pieces of RAM (Fortunately i have 2 in my laptop) and so far so good.
I thought everything was fine and dandy, but while taking off the keyboard, i popped off the left ALT key. I figured i can just push it back in its place, right? RIGHT!?
hahaha well as you all figured, I wouldnt be writing about this if something didnt happen... so the answer? NO!
The ALT key sat there in place and as i ALT+TAB'ed to switch apps, i felt the key move in a wierd way. I look down and~ SHO NUFF! I popped it back in, and it works... for now. Its still a little loose and i need to push down on it and i feel it snap into place(?).

Oh well, at least I can blog again... oh and work too.

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