Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This cart is for women only!?

While waiting for a train going to Yokohama, I saw this sign.
Women only? hahaha thats a guy's dream come true! A train car full of women? I didnt know what it was about so I moved down a bit and waited for the train.

The sign on the door again says women only from start to 9am. I think this train route had some problems with guys feeling up on women during the morning rush. I've heard this on the news a long time ago but when you're packed like sardines in a small train, I suppose "accidents" can happen.


Van said...

HAHA!! You are so funny! Did you see only women on that train?

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving!! Do japanese people celebrate it? Probably not..just wondering...

Love, Van

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay! This is your artsy barista friend Lara. I hope you are doing well in Japan. My best wishes to you. Take care.

Amao said...

My question is: You are not woman after 9am?

Anonymous said...

ha! we saw those too when we were there