Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More pictures from KiddyLand

I've gotten some request to post some more pictures of the crazy toy store. So here they are! I have a bunch more, but I "hope" this is enough.

Now~ onward with the tour...
Front Entrance... Lots of people wandering around in and out.

Japanese Barbies!? they were a bit different than the typical Blonde hair'ed, big Boobed, full-of-Plastic kinds. They were fancy though.

i dont know what this guy was all about but he was kinda neat looking. Scary~!

I took the elevator from to the 6th floor and walked down to see what was on every floor. Needless to say, even the stair case was colorful. Maybe its a bit dark in this pic... but ya. lots of colors.

See? even the garbage can is all cool and crazy! Each floor had a different color theme to it. I think this one was taken on the Hello Kitty floor or something. I did NOT, however, take a picture of all the different color schemes of the garbage cans on every floor... People were looking at me like I was crazy doing this one.

Pink! that can only mean one thing... girlie stuff. hahaha

Wait! This floor is green... and theres still girlie stuff! Wheres all the cool boy toys?
That rabbit character you see is called "Miffy". I think I've seen that character when I was a kid. Maybe this one is making an oldschool revival.

And of course, theres TOTORO Everywhere! I like this blunted totoro. i think hes hiding his visine in his back pocket. lol.

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