Saturday, November 12, 2005

A day in Harajuku

So today, I decided to take a trip to Harajuku.
This is one of many tourists attractions out here in Tokyo. Theres a lot of local crazy stuff and a lot of local crazy people.
When I hopped out of the train station, I arrived in Snoopy Town...
I thought this was Harajuku... when did it change to Snoopy Town?

To get to the downtown area, I walked though "Harajuku Avenue(?)". This is known as the teenybopper centeral of Tokyo.

This narrow street is jam packed with people.

and more people...
and more people. LOOK! Theres a McDonalds!
Do you see that guy in the white jacket? He is one of MANY direct marketeers in Japan. They chase after people who fit a certain stereotype and give them flyers or let them know about special promotions and deals. Today, some ghetto gangsta looking Japanese kid asked me if I was "Hip Hop". I said "yes" to see what would happen and he started talking about a store down the street that has their stuff imported from America. hahaha.
Wow~! I can buy that at Walmart for $5! you want how much?

Down the street from this crazy teeny bopper area is one of the coolest toy store I've seen! Its a 6 story toy store called Kiddyland. They have a massive collection of toys from Hello Kitty stuff to Pokemon and everything cutsy in between.

The blue character you see is called "Doraemon". He's been around since the 70's or so. I grew up watching this guy and he still holds his popularity.

Whoa~! Check these transformers out! The big red one is definitely, Optimus Prime! Its a fully transforming one too!

I would have taken more pictures but I'm sure you know what happens when you put a kid in a toystore... and if this kid had a credit card... and if this toy store was filled with cool things he has never seen before... ummm~ ya... I'll probably have to go back there to uh.. take more pictures or something.


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